Help Stop Methane Emissions at the Source

Real-time measurement and accurate data are the only way to prevent the damage methane gas is causing our environment and our planet.

What You Can Do


About the Zero Emissions Coalition

The Zero Emissions Coalition was created to address woefully inadequate methods that groups are using to measure methane emissions and to demand that real technologies and standards be utilized to cure the climate. We are a collective of concerned conservation advocates and organizations dedicated to establishing a rigorous, quantifiable, and obligatory domestic and international methane imperative.

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Our Mission

On a Path to a Net-Zero Economy

For today’s energy transition to be successful, it must be paired with real-time, independently verified ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) data to put us on the path to a net-zero economy. Methane emissions, the most potent greenhouse gas in the short-term, imperil our health, national security, and the planet. Real measurement of those emissions is crucial to taking real climate action now.

What you can do


It’s time for the industry to clean up its act.

Energy sources must be the cleanest and abundant as possible. Tell federal agencies to implement stronger standards for regulating methane emissions and urge industry toward greater transparency and compliance.

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